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Reliably book guaranteed parking spots using real-time information

How does it work?


Sign up

Download our OTRA Park™ application and create an account.


Find your spot

Filter, search and book your parking spot. Pick your stay and click ‘Book now’ to confirm your booking.


Enjoy your safe stay

Enter the truck parking using your QR code. The park operator place is informed about your booking and your reservation is prepaid online.


You can stay more

If necessary, you can extend your stay and enjoy the facility. The extension will be charged to your credit card automatically.

See how easy OTRA Park™ is

OTRA Park™ assists you through the full journey in a seamless process. You can very find and book the right parking places based on location and amenities. Simply and securely.

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Your personal assistant helps you find the best truck parking spots in Europe

  • Real-time availability

    Book a guaranteed parking spot

  • Detailed parking description

    Get a clear and detailed overview of all prices and facilities available at each location

  • One click booking

    Just one click and your spot is safely booked

  • Easy payment & refund

    Cashless payment with automated invoicing on your company

Reliable parking information

Get real-time information about available truck parking spots so you can book and access spaces when you need them. To give you total peace of mind, you enter and exit parking spots without tickets and the secure payment process is as easy as ABC.

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Safe and secured resting

To properly relax after a day on the road, find truck parking with the security features you need ranging from fences and lighting to CCTV surveillance, IceFree scaffolding systems and refrigerated units. With your cargo safe, you can relax.

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Peace of mind on the road

When you know in advance where you are staying, you worry less and can drive longer. Clear, easy-to-access information along with simple booking means you can focus on the road. It also helps reduce accidents and the time lost searching for a parking place.

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